Brain MultiQ KP19

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Brain MultiQ KP19

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Goodbye Alzheimer’s! Memory capacity increases

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Kiseido brain multiQ is a Japanese health product that has remained the number 1 choice in markets for many people.

Kiseido brain multiQ is a lightning and thunder month material that consists of lecithin and various other vitamins in large quantities. It not only increases students’ ability to study but also improves one’s recovery from fatigue and thus is good for children who still much to grow.

It also has a special effect of counteracting memory deterioration and specifically Alzheimer’s disease.


Main ingredients and effects

  • Triglyceride fats: blood fats, neutral fat (triglyceride) is the energy source for maintaining body temperature but if it is excessively supplied to the body, it can accumulate in the skin and internal organs.
  • Erythritol: antibiotic that is synthesized from the soil-dwelling microbe Streptomyceserythraeus
  • Multivitamin complex: vitamins and minerals can be found in this product, thus supplying vital nutrients to the body
  • Wax: wax is a gift sent by nature. Bees gather and store the honey and use it to nurture their eggs and hatchlings.
  • Rapeseed oil: the rape flower, as a honey plant, is used and consumed as cooking oil and soybean oil. A fatty oil extracted from the seed, this ingredient can be used as an ointment base or a solvent for certain medication
  • Orange: it is abundant in vitamin C, as well as having a little bit of vitamin A.
  • Low calorie protein: low calorie protein food contains mainly meat, fish, tofu, eggs, and beans
  • Lecithin gelatin: supplies nutrients to the brain, cholesterol level regulation, helps improve blood circulation, is synthesized from lecithin and gel which carry anti-oxidation properties and carries similar properties to animal proteins
  • Glycerine: a material that is developed for skin health products for the purpose of moisturizing the skin
  • Anti-oxidant: slows down cellular tissue degeneration, protects from the damage that oxidation could bring as well as the nervous system itself, provides nutrients to the immune system
  • Xylitol/sugar alcohol sweetener: a natural sweetener agent extracted from the epidermis of the Japanese white birch, it helps reduce the bacteria streptococcus which, with sugar and alcohol, can cause teeth to decay faster, and helps remove food particles that remain in the mouth.
  • Titanium dioxide: titanium dioxide is able to decompose hazardous and toxic materials when it is under ultraviolet light
  • Synthetic sweeteners: chemically synthesized and manufactured, has a very high sweetness level


450mg x 120 capsule (54g)
Consume 2 times a day after breakfast, and dinner meals 2 tablets each time.