Dang Gan Sin Gu (diabetic complications)

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Dang Gan Sin Gu (diabetic complications)

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Kiseido’s golden recipe. Healthy internal organs helps deal with diabetic complications

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Diabetes are caused by hereditary factors, obesity, senility, irregular dietary habits, illnesses, stress, and inhibition of insulin secretion by the cells of the pancreas due to pregnancy as well as relating to the internal organs.

The creation of Dang Gan Sin Gu

In the 77 -year old tradition, kiseido has performed clinical trials on 10,000 diabetics and is undergoing research and development. Scarier than cancer, diabetes… blood glucose level is regulated and controlled by the interaction between the five viscera and the pancreas’ insulin secreting cells. If the interaction between the five viscera and the function of the pancreas that was disturbed due to diabetes can be recovered, then the blood glucose can also be gradually restored. Then, one can defeat diabetes and not live their life plagued by diabetes. This product helps keep the five viscera and pancreas strong and healthy.

 The key quality of dang gan sin gu is the materials that comprise this product, like the all-natural ingredients as well as the 40 different kinds of natural Chinese herbal medicine. Having become a patented product, it helps strengthen the five viscera and pancreas, return the pancreas to its normal state, and gradually restore the blood glucose levels.


Main ingredients and effects

Gymnema: even if alcohol and sugar is consumed, the pileup of wastes is prevented
Cordyceps: strengthen the kidney, reduce risk of diabetes, and improve immunity
Chaga mushroom: activates the ability of the pancreas to lower blood sugar levels to a healthy state
Dioscorea: protects the kidney, and strengthens and fills the five viscera with energy/vitality
Silk worm: has the effect of lowering blood glucose level and rejuvenating the body
Mulberry leaves: lowers blood glucose levels and treats diseases symptomized by thirst as well as swelling
Bupleurum: excellent for the liver, being able to reduce inflammation
Jun Chil: has detoxification properties and helps purify the blood
Guava: guava tea helps reduce the risk of diabetes and also helps with treatment of diabetes. It also can help with diarrhea and toothaches.
Others: ginseng, rhemannia, arrowroot root, liriope, water plantain, poncirus, corni, mouta, Anemarrhena

92 packs in 1 box for 1 month
Take 3 times a day after meals or 3 tims in a day