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Fucoidan KP26

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The miracle of seaweed found at last.

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Health of  blood vessels-Improves the blood through cell proliferation and improvement of blood cell activity
Kiseido Fucoidan is the world-wide natural Fucoidan manufacturer and receives supplies of raw material from a Japanese company (Japanese quality management association JAB, JIA, certified companies). A pharmaceutical company creates the product using old traditional methods that are very safe and can be trusted. Materials supply section: Japanese Company(www.yskt.jp)

We introduce to you Fucoidan.

1. Nothing is more important to us than health. However, many people have regrets after losing their health. It goes without saying that the best way to maintain one’s health is to do it while one is healthy and before one gets sick. However, you do not have to be ashamed if your health does decline. It can be recovered if you work steadily towards it.

Various functions of fucoidan are still being researched. Some have received special attention since the chemo therapy (Chemotherapy- chemotherapy) that serve to mitigate some of the adverse effects caused by the apoptosis (suicide Apoptosis- cancer) have been reported in the medical academia in fucoidan.

What is the function of fucoidan?

The fucoidan is a “polysaccharide dietary fiber” contained in the algae, brown algae, and mozuku or seaweed. It is greasy, containing the sticky mucus, with only 0.3% of the ingredients contained in seaweed such as kelp.
And the fucoidan contains a lot of chemicals such as fucos (assist a variety of bioactive substances in the body such as sulfur or sulfuric acid), a sulfuric acid group in the polysaccharides (polysaccharides) that serves as a main component of sugar.
The mozuku has the most fucoidan in algae. Because mozuku is due to the growth attached to the other algae, it contains more fucoidan.
Fucoidan is the secretion of the leaves in the stems from the mucous membrane tube. It serves to defend against penetrating bacteria from the scratches due to the tidal flow or sand. And fucoidan prevents dry phenomenons due to it being exposed to the atmosphere that appears when the tide occurs.


Fucoidan has discovered by Dr. Klein (Kylin.HZ) in Uppsala, Sweden (Uppsala) College. He studied seaweed in 1913 for the first time. Dr. Klein found sulfate-containing polysaccharide in studying the viscous substance secreted from the brown algae seaweed and it was named Fucoidan. Because the ending of the polysaccharide attaches “an”, it is now attached to the name of the naming convention of the International sugar as Fucoidan.

Fucoidan was found in the early 20th century, but a full-fledged research on it was conducted since the 1990s. In studying it, the source of longevity for Japanese people and the low cancer incidence was noted in the kelp and seaweed they ate and found similar effects for the fucoidan. It was found to be a key ingredient in a dietary supplement while studying the ingredients with the seaweed and kelp, and a full-scale study was conducted. Research directed in Japan has created a healthy functional materials called fucoidan.
It has been noted that fucoidan treatment includes a moisturizing effect on inflammation, and the potential for reducing risk of cancer.
A 1996 paper called “cancer cells commit suicide action of fucoidan” was published by the Japan Cancer Society. Several studies were conducted studying the medical effects of Fucoidan worldwide. Each year there are more than 100 medical papers on fucoidan researching in the medicine pouring out of developed countries such as Japan, the US, Russia and France.


1. Antitumor activity: apoptosis, angiogenesis control function, immune system strengthening effect
2. The anti-ulcer effect: the action of bacteria in the blood Li
3. The cholesterol lowering effects 
4. Anticoagulation action: action to clear the blood
5. Anti-allergic effect
6. Anti-Virus (pathogens) action
7. Hardening of the arteries (cardiac arrhythmias) prevention, improve cardiac system
8. The improvement in blood pressure
9. Prevention of diabetes, improved condition
10. Improve the intestinal environment
11. Relieves constipation
12. Prevention of liver impairment, improvement in liver function  

Kiseido premium Fucoidan is pale and goes through the purification process several times. It contains 300mg of fucoidan in a capsules.
Kiseido fucoidan contains 180 capsules in a bottle and contains the fucoidan 300mg / ABM 40mg / immunity in one capsule.

Take 6-12 capsules per day, 2-3 capsules at a time.