Woo Whang Cheong Shim Won/KP12

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Woo Whang Cheong Shim Won/KP12

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Helps treat severe stress and mental health.

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WoohWangChungSimWon is made from an edible, thin 99% gold leaf by hand. Thin gold is beneficial to the human body with mercury & metal detoxification. The pill is effective when people panic and need to return to a calmer state. Superior efficacy to the hypertension, stroke, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, unconsciousness, mental anxiety, etc.
Please use when headache, stress, upset badly, when you formulate a night, when subjected to severe impact, and blood pressure rise or fall.
Kiseido Woohwangchungsimwon is made of traditional Korean prescription, Dong Eui Bo Gam.

Main ingredient and effects

Ox bezoar: It was used as a fever, detoxification, specialty pharmaceutical painkillers calm, cordial, incurable disease.
Chinese dioscorea: Recover weakness and adding to the development of muscle strength.
GinSeng: Greatly refreshing and makes the essence, regulates the functions of the body.
Glycine max Merrill: Good for swelling and muscle pain, which eliminates the effect of heat in the stomach.
Broadleaf Liriope: The recovering weakness, overwork, healing effect.
Glehina littoralis: Apiaceae perennial – Stroke
Skullcap: redness, swelling and pain of the eyes
Platycodi radix: campanulaceous perennial grass, anti-inflammatory analgesic / cough cold
Honey: protect stomach, regulates the functions of the body.
Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fischer: Fabaceae perennial grass, protect stomach
Licorice: Beans, a perennial plant, protect stomach
Typha: Typhaceae a perennial plant ,styptic
Aloeswood: Thymelaeaceae , Liver, Stomach and allergy
Cinnamon: Dried Cassia bark, cold fever reducer
Paeoniaceae: apiaceous, a perennial plant
Ostericum: Angelica Root, gynopathic disease
white atractylis: Gastrointestinal
Apiaceae/Umbelliferae: a perennial plant, impression / sweating / fever
Convallaria keiskei Miq.: blood purification / abdominal pain relief
Dryness: Dried fruit, lack of water, stronger sweetness, and many dietary fiber and minerals.
Gold leaf: Mineral herbal medicine, Zodok and heat removal


It is recommended that you take one to two weeks.
For a quick recovery, you can split one into half and take half a day. Or 1-2 times a day.
Adult 1 time, 15-8 years ½ year, 7-5 years 1/3 year, 4-2 year age

* Do not drink water if you can take it, do not take your breath out loud, and do not talk for 3 minutes after you take it. This is very effective.