Kiseido Ginseng KP13

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Kiseido Ginseng KP13

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The miracle of ginseng – hope and vitality/energy for the lethargic

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Kiseido ginseng is made from Dong Eui Bo Gam, it is the kind of oriental medicine bible book of Korea handed from thousand years before. Taking this valuable medicine that is hard to consume even once in a lifetime brings about an even better effect.

Kiseido ginseng can be used to create 45 different types of oriental medicine. It has an excellent effect of restoring energy/vitality and acting as an energy/vitality supplement



Special of improving menopause disorder, prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, improving a weak physical constitution (body), enhance energy/vitality, help with erections, recovery form fatigue, forgetfulness, improve focus and concentration (attention span), insomnia, anemia, gastritis, reproductive dysfunction after birth (postnatal/postpartum care), constant constipation, cold hands and feet, and arteriosclerosis.


Effect of ingredients

Wild ginseng: similar to that of ginseng’s, this ingredient’s effect is even better. It has a sweet taste and a little bitter and its is warm character. It enters the pulmonary system, preserving its vitality and supplementing damaged or old components of the fluid.

  • Eucommia: good for neuralgia, back pain, and muscle pain and also especially good for high blood pressure
  • Dioscorea: protects weak, overworked kidneys, fills the five viscera, and provides vigor and energy so that the muscles become more developed
  • Spinosas fruit: provides more energy and vitality and stops sweating and helps with deep sleep
  • Knotweed: toughens and strengthens the muscles, blackens the hair, promotes blood circulation, and is especially good for anemia, neurasthenia, postpartum/postnatal,
  • Achyranthes: has an effect on menstrual irregularity, postnatal abdominal pain, and gynecopathic diseases, and is also used for arthritis, back pain, and hematuria
  • Lily turf: feeble/frailness, overworking, , has a healing effect
  • Longan: protects __ and blood, anxiety disorder and depression, forgetfulness, cold sweat, and is also used for weak symptoms after disease or postnatal
  • Milk vetch root: brings about calmness and serenity, and has a certain warm characteristic that endows the body with vitality and energy, and is good for cold sweat
  • Jujube: as a strong nutritional diuretic, it is good for energy recovery
  • YongGol: anhidrotic, hemostasis, anti-diarrhea, and especially for excessive sweating in weak bodies
  • Coptidis rhizome: protects the ___ and brightens the eye and toughens and strengthens the stomach and intestines and makes the facial color better.



복용법: 1Box/month = 92 Packs, (205mg*92=188g)
Consume 3 times a day after breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals one pack. In addition, consume 3 times a day without regard to meal times whenever is most comfortable.