Squalene KP18

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Squalene KP18

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Metabolism-control and change the blood pressure to clean thick and dirty blood.

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In the extremes of the deep sea where oxygen is scarce lives a shark that survives these conditions thanks to its enormous liver and large quantities of liver oil.

Squalene is created in the liver and is a very useful ingredient for making steroids, hormones, and bile acid. It helps the internal body parts and oxygen supply to run smoothly, strengthens the capillary vessels and cellular tissue, and improves the health and condition of the skin. In addition, the squalene, which is extracted from the liver oil in the shark’s eye, improves and strengthens the liver’s functions and capabilities, cleans thick and unhealthy blood, and helps control and maintain skin health, brain cell regeneration, cholesterol, hyperlipidemic symptoms, prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, arteriosclerosis, and high blood pressure. In addition, it also helps with excellent sterilizing action, pruritus (severe itching), and hormone production.

Kiseido squalene makes the process of supplying oxygen to the body run more smoothly, helps metabolism, strengthens the liver and its functions/capabilities, and improves skin health. Through this, blood circulation runs more smoothly and thus more nutrients essential to the internal body are transported and delivered. Furthermore, this also helps the body get rid of toxins and wastes.

There is not much difference in quality and effect of this 100% natural kiseido squalene and fish oil extracted from fish that are given antibiotics, which people may be worried about.


Main ingredient and effect after consumption

Main ingredient: 100% squalene
EffectSupplying oxygen, regeneration of brain cells, prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, strengthening the immune system, purifying effect (antioxidant effect), labor pains, sterilization, osmotic action, high blood pressure, cholesterol, hyperlipidemia, controlling arteriosclerosis, skin health.


  1. 450mg x 120 capsules (54g)
  2. Take 2-4 times a day with warm water (does not matter if taken before or after meals)
Color Black, Blue, White