Super Power Gold KP24

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Super Power Gold KP24

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For dad’s energy and vitality

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Kiseido suppon power gold is a Japanese health product that has remained the number 1 choice in markets for many people.

Suppon power gold contains vitamin B, folic acid, vitamin E, and peptide. It helps the body’s physical constitution, energy, and stamina.

Main Effects

  1. Improve the liver’s abilities
  2. Clears the lungs and relieves them of extravagates blood
  3. Recovery from fatigue
  4. Strengthen endurance
  5. Healthier blood
  6. Helps treat hangover
  7. Men: improve sexual abilities and performance
  8. Women:

Main Ingredients

  1. Vitamin B: promotes the use of carbohydrates within the body; helps with the functions of the brain and nervous system; becomes a coenzyme and participates in the metabolic process;
    The coenzyme combines together with the enzyme to help with the metabolic process
  1. Vitamin E: slows down aging caused by oxidation and makes one look younger. It supplies oxygen and, with vitamin A, sticks to unclean air and pollutants and protects the lungs. It shortens the time of recovery of a burn and even carries out diuretic functions. Furthermore, it lowers blood pressure and helps with preventing miscarriages.
  2. Folic acid: supplies synthetic material in intracellular nucleic acids and participates in blood cell formation and cell growth
  3. Beer yeast: this beer yeast contains special amino acids, natural vitamin B, and enzymatic functions. As a result, it can help with treatment for constipation and has strong anti-cancer and anti-virus properties.
  4. Maltose: Maltose is a type of disaccharide. This form of sugar is from the combination of two molecules of glucose.
  5. Calcium stearin: Calcium plays an important role in the formation and maintenance of the skeletal system and teeth. This is an important material in muscle contraction, relaxation control, information transfer in nerve cells, blood clotting, regulation of immunity and hormone secretion, and enzymatic activity in the heart, nervous system, blood vessels, and muscles.
  6. Gelatin, titanium oxide: gelatin is for the most part widely used in food industries and is sold as capsules, cosmetics, ointments, tablets, and plasma and is also produced and used in many other ways by different companies. Titanium oxide helps shield against ultraviolet rays and protects the skin.

Two capsules for each time in the morning and evening.
250mg X 120 Capsule (30g)

Color Black, Blue, White