Coenzyme Q10 KP25

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Coenzyme Q10 KP25

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For maintaining a skin similar to that of those in their twenties

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Kiseido CoEnzyme Q10 is a Japanese health product that has remained the number 1 choice in markets for many people

Kiseido CoEnzyme Q10 is for keeping one’s skin young. It is a skin health product that sticks to free oxygen radicals and protects the cell from damage. It is comprised of collagen, vitamin B and C and helps to slow down aging and keeps the skin young and healthy.

Main Ingredients and effect

  1. Coenzyme: Coenzyme Q10 helps the enzymatic function of promoting the formation of fibrous cells. This along with elastin and collagen helps maintain a young and healthy skin and, within the body, expels harmful free oxygen radicals.
  2. Collagen: collagen helps shield the skin from ultraviolet rays and prevents wrinkles in the skin and keeps it moisturized. Furthermore, not only does it benefit the skin, but also the joints.
  3. Vitamin B: supplies energy, fat, and amino acids for metabolism. It is also good for treating fatty livers.
  4. Vitamin C: Vitamin C contains anti-cancer and anti-aging properties.
  5. Nicotine amide powder: a variety of vitamins help with the regulation and maintenance of skin moisture
  6. Calcium pantothenate: pantothenate is an essential material for hair color and the body’s immune system
  7. Amino acids: promotes and provides the vitality of life – promotes metabolism – helps with the renewal of the human tissue
  8. Corn starch: has an effect on digestion and the diuretic process
  9. Maltose: Maltose is a type of disaccharide. This form of sugar is from the combination of two molecules of glucose
  10. Calcium salts: calcium combines with organic acids to expel hazardous substances from the body

Two capsules for each time, morning and evening everyday day, .
300mg X 120 Capsule(36g) ,