Natural Enzyme KOSO

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Natural Enzyme KOSO

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An all natural health product, an essential enzyme for the five viscera

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Kiseido Natural Enzyme KOSO

Kiseido Nautral Enzyme KOSO is an all natural health product made from natural enzymes, 80 different kinds of plant enzymes, fermented lactic acid bacteria extract, cocoa powder, and scent of chocolate. Enzymes act as a catalyst within the body and play an important role in the digesting of food, to the point where it is referred to as the “origin of life.”

Kiseido Natural Enzyme KOSO helps expel wastes and toxin within the body, makes the metabolism smoother and more efficient, strengthens the immune system, aids in cell repair and regeneration, and also expels toxins and wastes in the blood stream. Natural Enzyme KOSO is packaged as one pack of pills. It should be chewed thoroughly and consumed, and is made so as to easily be stored and eaten.


Main effects and necessary symptoms

Effect: better digestion and absorption, degradation of emissions, anti-bacterial agent, blood purification

Conditions: indigestion, chronic fatigue, weak immune system

6 pcs X 60Packs
1 time a day after meal for best results.