Glucosamine (KP17) 2For$99

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Glucosamine (KP17) 2For$99

$240.00 $99.00

Joint Pain – the joint pain that everyone wants to be cured of

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As you grow older, it is important to take in products that contain glucosamine for the health of cartilage and joints inside your body. When younger, it is easy for the body to synthesize glucosamine, but as you get older, it becomes more difficult to do so. Chondroitin has large quantities of shark’s fin, cartilage, and joint, which supply vitamin C and calcium. As a result, Kiseido glucosamine helps strengthen the joints and replenish lost cartilage. Kiseido glucosamine bypasses a three-step process, reducing discomfort to the stomach while being very easy to absorb.


Main Ingredient and effect

Main Ingredient: glucosamine, shark fin extract, eggshell calcium, vitamin C

  1. Cartilage joint and synthesis become stronger, more efficient, and faster
  2. The blood is absorbed through the cartilage and the impact force alleviation ability becomes stronger and more efficient
  3. The enzymatic activity that destroys articular cartilage is mitigated and suppressed
  4. Improves and alleviates the ache in the joints
  5. Assists in cholesterol regulation, reducing arteriosclerosis, and reducing risk of kidney stone

Direction :
Take 2 capsules for each morning and evening.

250mg x 120Capsule (30g),