Gamma-Linolenic acid(KP16) 2+1Free Sale!

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Gamma-Linolenic acid(KP16) 2+1Free Sale!

$360.00 $160.00

Overcome the depression and insomnia that accompanies menopause.! 2+1 Free!

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The extract from the evening primrose seed contains linolenic acid and gamma linolenic acid. This product is good for the following symptoms of menopause, which occur frequently: flushing and hot flashing, insomnia, sweating, fatigue, depression, aging, urinary incontinence, and arthralgia.

In the treatment for alleviating the menopause symptoms, there exists and hormone remedy and a non-hormone vegetable remedy. The hormone remedy can result in unhealthy side effects so the vegetable non hormone method is used now.

It is widely known that the evening primrose oil can be utilized in the non-hormonal vegetable remedy. Kiseido gamma linoleic acid is good for the internal cholesterol level and smooth blood circulation and helps bring the body to its normal state. Furthermore, it supplies essential fatty acids to the body and activates important bioactive substances.

In particular, Kiseido gamma linolenic acid, as a non-hormonal vegetable remedy, is derived from the widely known evening primrose seed, from which gamma linolenic acid is extracted. This is, with high skill and sophisticated technique, separated from its impurities and used in this product. The product can help improve symptoms of menopause, help with the maintenance of the body, and help with skin health.
450mg x 120 capsules (54g)
Take 4 capsules 1-2 times a day