The fucoidan is a “polysaccharide dietary fiber” contained in the algae, brown algae, and mozuku or seaweed. It is greasy, containing the sticky mucus, with only 0.3% of the ingredients contained in seaweed such as kelp.

And the fucoidan contains a lot of chemicals such as fucos (assist a variety of bioactive substances in the body such as sulfur or sulfuric acid), a sulfuric acid group in the polysaccharides (polysaccharides) that serves as a main component of sugar.

The mozuku has the most fucoidan in algae. Because mozuku is due to the growth attached to the other algae, it contains more fucoidan.

Fucoidan is the secretion of the leaves in the stems from the mucous membrane tube. It serves to defend against penetrating bacteria from the scratches due to the tidal flow or sand. And fucoidan prevents dry phenomenons due to it being exposed to the atmosphere that appears when the tide occurs.

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