The six elements are needed to maintain normal blood glucose levels.

The six elements are needed to maintain normal blood glucose levels.
1. Diet Therapy
2. Drug Therapy
3. Diabetes Education
4. Exercise therapy
5. Self-monitoring
6. Proven functional food intake

Although we cannot neglect any of the above, it is most important to control blood glucose levels and protect the function of the internal organs and to prevent complications from occuring.

In addition to preventing complications from occurring it is important to activate the immune system and maintain normal sugar levels to revive the function of the degraded internal organs.

In the prevention and recovery process, one should not forget to include a steady uptake of the proven functional food and health food. It will allow the internal organs to regain their optimal functions.


Diabetes and complications –Japan Kiseido sugar diabetes health food – DanGanJinKyu

Reduce Blood glucose / hemoglobin glycation Concentration, help treat diabetes, liver and kidney. DoGanJinKyu is not only important for lowering the blood sugar levels, but also, most important of all, preventing diabetic complications. When we consume food it is broken down into glucose in our body. The necessary nutrients are absorbed into the body by breaking down glucose. The glucose is then sent to entire body through the pancreas. If it does not facilitate the release of insulin from the pancreas, the body absorbs only about 20% and 80% is sent to the kidney where it is excreted in the urine. Diabetes creates horrible complications and even can lead to death. Diabetic complications such as blindness, amputation damaged foot and retinal hemorrhage are serious complications; it can even escalate to even more severe complications like acute myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, cardiovascular diseases such as stroke. It is important for diabetics to lower their blood sugar levels. Serious complications of diabetes may also be due to abnormal glycated hemoglobin concentrations.

In this regard, national and international diabetes institute recommends that a glycosylated hemoglobin levels of 7 percent or less. When the glycated hemoglobin decreased 1% 21% mortality due to complications, myocardial infarction, because 16% of microvascular complications by 37%, proteinuria (renal complications) is reduced to 34%. Glycosylated hemoglobin levels as a marker to indicate the change in glucose level in the last 2-3 months the most consistently stable, while in the last year, the American Diabetes Association suggest three principles of diabetes treatment halgeot maintaining glycosylated hemoglobin below 7% in its first the recommended. Glycosylated hemoglobin, as well as blood sugar levels of diabetic patients among these is attracting attention been developed a health food break down significantly. Already getting a lot of attention for diabetes on the market, this product is a DoGanJinKyu. The 80 years old Japanese corporation Kiseido is known for the traditional herbal medicine as an herbal specialist with the company motto of “to consider life.” DoGanJinKyu means “save the liver and kidney and diabetes.” The company’s domestic and foreign doctoral researchers fed DoGanJinKyu 13 shots to 12 people; the results show the glycated hemoglobin concentration in patients falling below 7%. In the results, the glycated hemoglobin concentration that reached 13% in the patients dropped to 5.8%, and even if, most of the patients were dropped over 3%, only 7% more patients came close to a 3% glycated hemoglobin concentration.

In animal experiments on glucose but induced diabetic rats after 21 days blood sugar rises vertically from 107 mg / dl to 268 mg / dl without any action, cause diabetes treated with DoGanJinKyu with a meal mice produce insulin, secreted the destruction of the pancreas is stopped, the effect has been demonstrated to normalize function is to increase the production of insulin (glucose normalization) on the other hand, the general diabetic rat pancreas being destroyed to prevent high blood pressure diabetes liver functions deteriorated.


If so, what is the identity of the DoGanJin?

DoGanJinKyu plays and enhances the capabilities of the pancreas and herbicidal effect that prevents the absorption by the body through decomposition of sugar. It is also very excellent in diabetic patients using natural insulin.

DoGanJinKyu is made from 30 kinds of natural medicine herbs such as silkworms, mulberry leaves etc. There is no harm to the human body due to the herbal ingredients. In this regard, the product has passed the FDA clearance process from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since the year 1986.

Directions: 3 times a day (3-pack), please node.

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