Today, despite the advances in medical technology and health science to extend the human life span, the incidence of cancer is still on the rise worldwide. Cancer is also one of the biggest challenges to humanity and the common interest of scientists as it is responsible for the death of one third of humanity.

Pathogenesis of cancer can be caused by the food that is issued due to environmental factors rather than internal factors, such as genetic factors. Repeated daily ingestion among the environmental factors of cancer is a very important part. That could change if more attention was given on our everyday diet meals In order to prevent cancer.

We introduce to you the dietary environment that can prevent cancer.
Please note that each can look different depending on the individual health and the environment.

Judgment The food Recommendations Reason Including food
Recommended intake Island Foreclosure 30-40g per day Colon cancer, colon cancer prevention Wheat, rye, beans, brown rice, etc. distance as small as grains and vegetables
Cell Les uranium 200mg per day Promoting physical resistance to the occurrence of cancer Algae, yeast
Vitamin C More than 75mg per day Inhibition of cancer Fruits, vegetables (uncooked)
vegetable enough Caused inhibition of various cancers Especially cabbage (such as indole-cancer substances are plenty)


Vitamin A enough Skin cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer defense Vegetables, fruits
Recommended avoiding Fat To eat less fat Colon cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer caused
Food contamination Pesticides, avoid pesticides Heavy drinking are liver cancer, tongue cancer, laryngeal cancer, esophageal cancer cause
Alcohol Excessive drinking ban Heavy drinking are liver cancer, tongue cancer, laryngeal cancer, esophageal cancer cause
Food Additives Favorite fresh foods as much as possible Cancer-causing potential
coffee Do not stir-fry beans in hot Bladder, pancreas and related
Salted, smoked foods Appropriat         restrictions Indirectly associated with the development of cancer

Source: Wins Know Cancer (former nuclear Hospital baeknamseon)

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