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We give nature’s mysteries to you.

There is nothing in our life that is less important than our health. However, many people neglect to care for their health, resulting in a decline in health. Only then do people realize the importance of their health and begin regretting the decisions that led to this decline. It goes without saying that protecting one’s health when you are healthy and before you become sick is the wisest and best way.

The older a person gets, the more likely that the functionality of body parts will degenerate. In addition to chronicity of this degeneration, many diseases will also come about. If the right habits for a healthy lifestyle are practiced, one should not only be able to prevent this decline in health, but even improve his or her health. Kiseido hopes to assist your healthy lifestyle in developing.

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Who we are


Kiseido has been devoted to the research and development of a variety of specialized oriental herbal medicine and health products since 1936.

We are continuing to do all we can to improve people’s health. Kiseido has gone beyond the limited business of oriental medicine and health products that it started as and is now producing medicine supplies and herbal medicine as well as health foods. Furthermore, Kiseido has made advancements in the health and beauty industry and is receiving much love and recognition from the global community. In addition to the health food products, a variety of medicine, oriental medicine, and herbal medicine are being supplied to the United States and Japan and are influencing and becoming a part of health and beauty products.

We have a balance that cannot be imitated by anyone else. We have confidence in creating a healthy lifestyle. Japan Kiseido health science, health products that the entire world needs and we are devoted to treatments, research, and development of these products and are currently selling them.

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our history & profile

Corporation : KISEIDO
Established : 2- 28- 1936
Founder – Arai Satoyuki
Chairman – Shimamura Takaomi
USA – Yosub Lee
Address – 3550 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1680, LA, CA 90010
Tel – 800. 909 0001 / 213. 384. 3333
Major Business – Healthy Food, Oriental Medicine, Medicine, Natural Medicine, Health Products, Beauty Products Manufacturing

General information

  • The six elements are needed to maintain normal blood glucose levels.
    The six elements are needed to maintain normal blood glucose levels. 1. Diet Therapy 2. Drug Therapy 3. Diabetes Education 4. Exercise therapy 5. Self-monitoring 6. Proven functional food intake Although we cannot neglect any of the above, it is most important to control blood glucose levels and protect the
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    Symptoms Symptoms of complications that diabetes causes have two main features The first symptom is elevated blood glucose levels (aperitif over 200 mg / dl, 126 mg / dl or higher, postprandial 2 hours) in the blood vessels. Diabetes, as a chronic disease, causes chronic complications such as retinopathy (blindness,
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    The function of the internal organs (five viscera and six entrails) should be known first before searching for the cause of diabetic complications. Carbohydrates enter the body in the form of sweets, sweetened beverages, and other food such as fructose, glucose, honey, fuck, rice, barley, maize starch, wheat flour, fruits,
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